Paul A. Lea, Jr.

Paul Lea Jr. was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He graduated from Emory University in 1984 with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance and earned his Juris Doctor from Tulane University in 1987. Paul was admitted to the Louisiana Bar in 1987.

Paul is primarily engaged in cases with substantial value for Plaintiffs, both commercial and individuals.  Although he began his career by representing Defendants in the largest law firms in the region, his practice has shifted to focus more on large value personal injury cases and/or mass torts and personal injury law.  He found that he gains more satisfaction when he knows that his skills are being utilized for representing individuals who had been wronged or injured.  Paul relies on his attention to the details of each individual case as well as his knowledge of the full breadth of what the law can provide to obtain successful verdicts for his clients.

Among his noteworthy cases was a claim against Blue Cross, in which he obtained over $3 million on behalf of the client. This is the largest personal injury judgment to date in St. Tammany Parish, a conservative parish long known for its low verdicts. The law utilized, and value obtained in this case, received national attention. Paul turned a breach of contract claim into a personal injury claim using a very obscure area of the law to provide a multi-million dollar judgment for his client.

After Katrina, Paul spent two years establishing and recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars of reconstruction monies for his clients.  In many of the cases, the insurer in questions had grossly undervalued the claim payable to the insured homeowner and/or business.  In those cases, Paul was able to increase the recovery of repair money for the home or business by several hundred percent.  In many cases, the insurer had declared that floodwater had done all the damage and therefore, there was no coverage.  Using a number of weather experts, experts regarding construction and insurance coverage experts, he was able to demonstrate that penalties and attorneys fees were due along with the overall increase in coverage for the building in question.  Business interruption insurance and/or coverage for the business losses and/or relocation time and expense were all areas of recovery that had been “overlooked” by the insurance carrier yet remained due and payable to the insured home/business owner. Paul was able to deliver these areas of coverage and successfully collect on policies, which in some cases, insurers and policyholders did not know even existed.

In entering the mass tort and/or toxic tort area, Paul recently has become very involved in Chinese drywall litigation across the southeastern United States.  Paul has a great number of clients, some of whom are experiencing a total loss of their home. He has been able to recover the full value of all repairs and actually have a substantial number of his clients’ homes repaired years before other victims were able to obtain a similar result because of his close contact with those in the profession who represent the Defendants and Plaintiffs.  In fact, Paul’s clients have been featured in the local New Orleans newspapers as being the first to receive a rehabilitated and completely renovated home free from Chinese Drywall.  That client not only sent the firm flowers and took Paul and his staff to lunch; she even baked a cake for the firm to enjoy in the spring of 2011.

In regards to Paul’s healthcare expertise, he represents most of the non-contracted specialty hospitals and surgery centers in southeast Louisiana and has enjoyed the success of recovering non-payment and under-payment of several million dollars in claims for these facilities.  These amounts, which had been the responsibility of individual patients, threatening them with bankruptcy, were paid off by Paul’s hard work on behalf of the patient and physician.  Paul has a substantial background in medicine and is therefore able to understand the practices of medicine as well as the business of medicine and the judicial/legislative overlay of insurance coverage in federal law including the application of ERISA to most healthcare plans.  He has developed a long string of cases taking claims, that would otherwise be ERISA claims but for the fact that the non-contracted physicians still retain their right under state law to proceed his claim and/or the claim of the facility against the insurer and/or ERISA based insurance plan.  This flexibility allows the provider to pursue his rights in state court or in federal court depending upon the circumstances and facts of the case.  Paul regularly attends CLE programs in order to stay abreast of this quickly changing and poorly understood area of healthcare law in order to pursue the bad faith actions of a great number of national insurers.  He has participated in a number of class action cases against these insurers resulting in million dollars of recovery for physicians and healthcare facilities across the country.

Workman’s Compensation law also provides a remedy for healthcare providers including hospitals and surgery centers as well as individual physicians as they have individual standing and the right to pursue gross under payment and/or arbitrarily capricious under payment of their healthcare claims independent of the patient’s rights.  Paul has recently had great success in seeking more substantial payment for facilities and hospitals where the TPAs had undervalued and/or reduced the amount payable on several hundred thousand dollars in claims from a single provider over a very short period of time.  This national TPA had tried to equate Medicare fee schedules to the usual and customary and/or allowable and/or reasonable and customary payable for the services in question; however, while Medicare rates may provide a floor for the lowest possible payment in a community it is certainly not the standard payment within the community as demonstrated at trial against the TPA and/or a third party provider.

Paul is a father of three and is known for his civic and charitable contributions. He is/has been the president of a number of a large number of associations in his community.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Bar Association
  • Louisiana State Bar Association
  • Covington Bar Association
  • American Inns of Court (22nd Judicial District Court)
  • American Association of Justice (AAJ) and Defense Research Institute


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